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Claim: us general john j pershing effectively discouraged muslim terrorists in the philippines by killing them and burying their bodies along with those of pigs. What black jack pershing can teach us about fighting terrorists dip them in pigs blood and execute 49 muslims in retaliation for islamic terrorism.

Says that in the philippines more than a century ago, gen john pershing took 50 bullets, and he dipped them in pigs’ blood, and shot 49 muslim. President trump on thursday again cited a story about the late us army gen john j pershing dipping bullets in pigs’ blood to deter islamic attacks that has been dismissed by historians as apocryphal.

Early life pershing was born on a farm near laclede, missouri, to businessman john fletcher pershing and homemaker ann elizabeth thompsonpershing's great-great-grandfather, frederick pershing, whose name originally was pfersching, emigrated from alsace, leaving amsterdam on the ship jacob, and arriving in philadelphia on october. Watch video donald trump recently told crowds a story about us gen john pershing executing muslim insurgents with bullets dipped in pig’s blood it’s a gruesome story, and it is also not true but it does point to a real, complicated history about the united states’ involvement in the philippines. Donald trump shared a story about the murder of 49 muslim prisoners during a speech in south carolina on friday trump told the audience about us army general john pershing and his killing of prisoners during the 'early 1900s' 'he caught 50 terrorists that did tremendous damage and killed many.

Just before world war i, there were a number of terrorist attacks on the united states forces in the philippines, by muslim extremists general pershing capt. Pershing’s papers at the library of congress contain this transcript of an extraordinary meeting that pershing, by then the governor of moro province, held with muslim leaders of the region.

These juramentado attacks were materially reduced in number by a practice that the mohamedans held in abhorrence the bodies were publicly buried in the same grave with a dead pig it was not pleasant to have to take such measures, but the prospect of going to hell instead of heaven sometimes. Who is general pershing trump cites army leader he falsely believes shot muslim terrorists with pig's blood bullets. President donald trump responded to the attack in barcelona by reviving a myth that general john j pershing executed muslims with bullets dipped in pigs blood.

The legend goes that after continued terrorist attacks on us troops and installations -in addition to the massacre of captured american soldiers- general pershing ordered his marines to go out and round-up 50 adult male perps back at the base, they were promptly strapped to wooden polls, execution. A sordid tale of gen john j pershing executing muslim insurgents in the philippines at the turn of the century is a favorite of president trump.

The moro rebellion (1899–1913) was an pershing promised to donate government land for purposes of building muslim houses of worship pershing recognized the. There have been numerous posts on fr that advocated this type of activity (grease ammunition in pig fat, bury terrorists in pig poop, wrap terrorists head in bacon before they are buried.

Pershing muslim
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